Katri Niskanen

Katri Niskanen offers ready-to-wear and bridal collections as well as unique
made-to-measure evening gowns. You can spot her creations anywhere from
private occasions to TV shows and national and international galas.
Founded in 2010, the brand is known for Scandinavian elegance, sculptural
drapings and comfortable cuts creating elegant and feminine silhouettes, making
your day effortless and easy and yet as festive as you want.

Her versatile and multi-purpose designs bring timeless elegance to everyday 

life, encouraging women to love themselves at any occasions.




By Malina

The goal with the brand was to introduce fashion that she thought was missing in Sweden. Today, By Malina is well known for the use of bright colors and patterns, that contributes to making the designs and pieces stand out in the most amazing way. These designs and patterns breathe the colorful and energetic world that is embodied in by Malina.

By Malina develops own patterns for each season, which breathes the brand and it’s colorful and energetic world. The patterns contribute in making the designs of By Malina’s pieces stand out in the most amazing way and makes every piece unique.


Emma Simons

Emma Simons

Born in the Scandinavian archipelago of Finland, design and creativity has always been a big passion since early age. With a history of studying fashion and design in Finland, Sweden and England, EMMA SIMONS was founded in 2017, offering an exclusive fashion for women.

Design is representing Scandinavian elegance, unique handcraft and clean silhouettes, inspired by women to be powerful and one of a kind. Since 2018 the studio is located in Vasa, Finland.

As a natural successor of the EMMA SIMONS brand, FRØST was released in 2019, offering sustainable, handcrafted jewelries which are made and designed in the Nordics with a unique rough, yet elegant touch as well as digital solutions.  All pieces created to be one of a kind.


voga Styling


Voga Styling

Voga Styling is a styling &  fashion consulting service founded in 2016 by Robert Bamm, Sandra Holmäng & Heidi Lithén. 


They offer customized consulting services for clothing, styling and makeup in Vaasa & Helsinki, such as personal shopping with a stylist.

Their goal with this service is to give every customer a unique and memorable experience, transforming clothes and fashion into something fun and enjoyable, instead of something difficult and stressful. 


All Voga Styling  customers gets 15% discount from Stilrent rentals.