STILRENT Co founders Erica Nieminen and Ivonne Ruiz Olate
STILRENT Co founders Erica Nieminen and Ivonne Ruiz Olate


Fashion is fun and meant to be for everyone regardless of age, budget, size & style. Fashion is our way of expressing ourselves but should also not have to be something that compromises on our environmental and ethical values. We at Stilrent want to offer an easy, fun, environmentally friendly and affordable way of renting clothes & accessories to make fashion accessible for everyone.



Sustainability is the very core of our business, and something we are not willing to compromise on. By renting instead of purchasing, we are providing an alternative option where we are increasing the life length of the clothes, fighting against fast-fashion and making sure that the clothes are taken care of like they should and spreading joy to multiple people instead of being left hanging in the back corner of a closet and forgotten about.



Stilrent was founded in 2020 by Ivonne Ruiz Olate & Erica Nieminen, two young entrepreneurs with the vision of changing the fashion industry for the good. The team is reinforced by Amy & Carolina, two fashionistas interning at Stilrent .